Yamaha fg830 vs fg800

Whenever music and musical instruments are discussed, the guitar would be the first image that might come into the mind of various individuals. The instrument is one of the most used or played musical instrument in the whole world. Hence if you are looking to learn how to play one of these devices then be sure to get the best of the guitar that is available in the market. Many factors determine the quality of the guitar that you are going to buy. Some of these are the material of the guitar, the material of the string, the thickness of the sound box, the distance between the strings and the fretboard and the brand of the guitar. Talking about guitars, one of the best guitars that are undoubtedly the best for people who are kind of beginners in this musical world is Yamaha. The company manufactures various guitars that are of great quality and provide a variety to people who are looking to buy them. There are two products of the company that have been a massive success and hence people often get confused when they are going to buy a new guitar, these two instruments are Yamaha FG830 and Yamaha FG800. There is some difference between the two guitars which are given further in this article which showcases the comparison between the Yamaha fg830 vs fg800.

Similarities between the two

 Yamaha fg830 vs fg800

Both of these guitars are of the FG series and an upgrade of FG700 series, which was a great guitar itself. Both of them are acoustic guitars and are made up of the same material.

Difference between the two

There are a lot of difference between the two, let’s discuss both of them one by one

Yamaha FG800

If you were a fan of FG700s series then you are surely going to like this one.  It is made up of the same material of its predecessor but in this design, the bracing is internal and enhanced. Due to this upgrade, the sound that is produced by the guitar is full and more accurately defined than its former. The top of the guitar is composed of solid spruce and the body retains the traditional western look giving it an aesthetic tone. The quality of the sound that is produced in this guitar is great and hence one of the most liked guitar by many.

Yamaha FG830

The guitar is also of the FG800s series and hence it has some of the features that are similar to the former. It is furnished with the X-bracing which is present internally in the guitar. It consists of sides that are made up of rosewood and hence it has an overtone that is really rich in nature.

The two guitars are great choices for beginners as well as professional players but for the difference between Yamaha fg830 vs fg800, the FG830 produces great tones due to its rosewood material and has great design, whereas the FG800 has great bright due to the nato material and plays a great sound.