aquarium heater reviews

It’s lovely to keep the aquatic species as pets and embrace their beauty right at your home. However, it is also crucial to take good care of them and provide them with the environmental conditions that are most suitable. Some of the marine fish like starfish need a constant temperature in the range of 72-78 degrees Fahrenheit. While others like corals may require 75-80 F. Since the temperature regulation is linked with the health and metabolism control of the marine lives, people tend to buy aquarium heaters to maintain good health of the fish. Today there are hundreds of brands and their models available to choose from. With some pros and cons, they struggle to acquire the top ranks and win the customer’s support. In this article, we have critically analysed the reviews and trustworthiness of multiple heaters and brought about the top 3 aquarium heater reviews to help you find the best one for your aquarium.

 Reviews of the 2019 Best Aquarium Heatersaquarium heater reviews

  1. Aqueon Pro Submersible 100W Heater

This highly rated heater of 100W is strong and resistant to shatters. It can easily maintain temperatures in the range of 68-88 degree Fahrenheit. It falls under the category of submersible heaters and works well for 15-50 gallons tank.


  • It has constant glowing LEDs with a red colour showing the heating is on and the green colour depicting the inactivity.
  • It has automatic property to shut-down when overheated. It can reset itself when it cools down.
  • It has two suction cups which help place the heater inside the aquarium or water tank with ease.
  • The cord is of good length. So, it won’t be trouble in its placement.
  • This is one of the strongest and most durable aquarium heaters.
  • It is a thermoplastic device and not a glass heater. Thus, no worries about the cracks and damage.



  • There can be trouble with the flicking LEDs sometimes.
  • The price is not low and hence it can be a point of a second thought for the small tank owners.
  • It needs to be submerged inside the water, else it can be dangerous.


  1. Eheim Jager Thermostat Aquarium Heater

A well-known brand and trusted in its performance for more than a decade, Eheim Jager heaters are a good choice for both the fresh as well as marine water species. It comes at a great price option and has different wattage choice as per the size of your water tank.



  • Quite affordable
  • Automatically turns off when the water level is too low.
  • Maintains constant temperature
  • Can be adjustable within the temperature range
  • It has got thermos safety controls
  • Can be easily recalibrated
  • Shock-resistant and shatter-proof



  • It is a glass heater, so needs proper care
  • Needs constant adjustment in the temperature
  • There have been complains about the customer service


  1. JBJ True Temp Titanium Heating System Kit

Another popular manufacturers of aquarium heater, JBJ heaters have a great customer review so far and have never failed to satisfy its potential customers through excellent products and services.



  • Great accuracy
  • The current temperature is displayed with the help of the LED
  • Comes with a digital controller, sensors, and magnets to hold it in place
  • It has got a remote temperature probe



  • Needs good care and cleaning every 3-4 months
  • A bit expensive
  • Temperature adjustments required to maintain it at a constant level.



It is important to look at all the features of the heater and then decide on the best ones. There are other well-known and excellent working heaters too, but these are the top ones that we have mentioned. The right wattage heater depends on the size of your tank and hence you should first check the specifications thoroughly.