Golf cart batteries are different from your automobile batteries. Depending on its size and shape of your goal cart you should have between 4 and 8 batteries in your golf cart. These batteries can be discharged to the least voltage without affecting or damaging its core. It also requires special care.

The important question that every golf fan is asking why buy good golf cart batteries is just a simple answer as these batteries are designed to work on 12 or 24 volt systems but are available in 6 volts only. If you connect two golf cart batteries with 6-volt batteries then it will be able to work on 12 volt systems. These batteries power is measured in amps rather than volts. Good quality battery or powerful battery totally depends on the number of amps which it provides in a given amount of time or in hours. If your battery is using 50 amps per hour at half of the speed and if your combined battery amperage is 400 amp per hour then it can run your golf cart for almost 8 hours before getting fully discharged.

 why buy good golf cart batteries

How Golf Cart Batteries Get Charged

A battery is charged by a battery charger which helps in changing the chemical composition in a battery.  By this charging process, a battery holds less charge because of its inefficiency. Golf cart batteries which get deeply discharged have a very short life span. Good golf cart batteries have more numbers of discharge cycles than the cheaper batteries. Batteries which has a large number of the cycle has a longer life span. A good quality battery charger automatically charges it to high voltage for the long term. The battery charger also plays an important role in the longest life span of the golf cart batteries.

It is better for you to use that battery which you get from your golf cart. But if it gets damaged then you should buy a new battery as soon as possible. Before estimation, to why buy good golf cart batteries you should also be aware of its pros and cons.


*It is very durable and has lightweight with the heavy aluminum case.

*When charging is not needed it will be constant i.e. it also has charge control.

*You can also read its charging status. Green color shows that AC power is on and yellow color indicates that the battery is charging.

*It has a front switch panel which gives control to different batteries.


*It does not provide you with any guide you should learn to operate this by yourself.

*DC power supply is not usable.

Maintenance of golf cart battery is also very important. You can clean batteries with the paintbrush and by a solution of water and baking soda. But before doing this please wear eye protection glasses and rubber gloves. Fill only distilled water in golf cart batteries rather than tap water. If you don’t have automatic golf cart charger then do not overcharge your battery. Golf cart batteries have a life span of 5-6 years. You should change your batteries after every 5-6 years.